Tucson Hebrew Academy

Address: 2443 E. 4th Street, Tucson, AZ 85719
Phone: 520-881-7956

Website: https://www.chabadtucson.com/
Grades Served: K-8th Grade

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Why Tucson Hebrew Academy?: The learning process at Tucson Hebrew Academy is charged with the spirit of discovery. THA is a place of hands-on, interactive learning, where the classroom is organized around the students being actively engaged. We believe all children can learn and that children have an innate curiosity that is to be respected and developed. We approach teaching through Project Based Learning. Our students can often be found collaborating in small groups on projects, purposefully discussing an assignment, or cooperatively problem-solving. Students are empowered as learners and thinkers. Teachers encourage them by acting as coaches and guides. The atmosphere in the classroom encourages self-assured self-expression and develops respect for diverse points of view, and they come to enjoy testing their minds against new challenges.